Counseling is helpful when a mental health or life situation is significantly affecting your personal life or your ability to function on a daily basis. This is a very private, safe place, where you can “put all of your cards on the table” and figure it out. I will also provide you with information, from the most recent neuroscience research, on how brain training and lifestyle improvement can drastically improve the issue that has you stuck.

While I do not prescribe medication, I can refer you to a trusted Psychiatrist or Primary Care Physician, and will monitor your progress along with them. The issues that you may seek counseling for may include, but are not limited to:

  • Depression: Dealing with the sadness, guilt, reduced interest, appetite, energy, concentration, changes in sleep or feeling like life isn’t worth living anymore.
  • Anxiety: Dealing with constant or recurring nervousness, worry, fear, rigidity, thinking about the same thing over and over or feeling the need to have things done a certain way or in a certain order.
  • Premarital/Marriage/Divorce:I am a trained Gottman therapist, the ground-breaking therapy, based on 40 years of peer-reviewed research by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. We will insure that marriage is begun with honesty, good communication and compatibility. We can reinvent your partnership and its schedules, values and traditions. We can work through the conflicts that arise in every partnership by focusing on proven communication techniques hat resolve conflict, establish healthy boundaries and rekindle the friendship and passion that may have dimmed.
  • Living With Addiction: Finding a way to preserve your identity, function and family while a loved you are dealing with a loved one dealing with addiction.
  • Trauma/Abuse: I am trained in both E.M.D.R. and  Brainspotting, the new, cutting edge trauma techniques found to be the most effective in the 9-11 and Sandyhook disasters. These techniques will heal the hurt and reestablish you strength and identity. They will also help you deal with the anxiety that can remain after trauma.


Coaching is valuable when there are minimal emotional, mental or life issues and you want to improve your life skills, strategic plan or overcome obstacles to achieve peak performance. The areas that you may desire coaching in are:

  • Managing ADD: Learning to maximize the specific advantages and minimize the limitations of this unique brain difference. This is one of the fastest growing trends, resulting in significant improvements in the professional and personal lives of children, adolescents and adults with ADD or ADHD. Recent research offers great hope and help!
  • Parenting: Learning positive parenting tools to manage, teach and encourage your child to become a productive, happy and functional adult. Coping with the inevitable crises that comes to all parents.
  • Reinventing Your Life: When life throws you for a loop, or when you are tired of being in a rut, it helps to reevaluating values and goals, and hone new skills for the new you!