There are several ways you can contact me:

  • Call to make an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation in my office or over the phone:
    • 918-630-1149
  • Email me for a free, one time online consultation.

  • Tulsa

  • 7136 S. Yale, Suite 300
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136
  • 918-630-1149
  • Email

  • Kansas City

  • 9237 Ward Pkwy
  • Kansas City, MO 64114
  • 918-630-1149
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My practice is set up to respect your right to privacy and confidentiality. When you come to my office, there is a private waiting room/entrance and private exit. My clients often comment that it is so nice to avoid dealing with personal problems in a public place. While my staff is readily available, they are invisible to my clients. The content of your counseling/coaching sessions are completely confidential, with only the following legal exceptions:

  • If you indicate that you are of danger to yourself or others, I am required by law to inform the police department
  • If you have knowledge of or are participating in child or elder abuse, I am required by law to contact the appropriate social service agency.
  • If you sign a release of information to a specific person such as a physician, previous counselor, friend or family member, it allows me to contact them and speak with them about your counseling/coaching issue.

NOTE: If you are currently feeling like hurting yourself or someone else, IMMEDIATELY call a local mental health professional, nearby emergency room or dial 911.