Enrich Your Relationships

Enrich Your Relationships!

Today we are going to visit the topic of marriage and ADHD. ADHD relationships face the same struggles as every other relationship, just more so! It’s about balance & fairness & making sure that both partners get their needs met.

We are not going to spend time on the negative patterns; but instead, focus on key elements of creating success! And YES, there are great ADD marriages!!

*It is a great idea for both partners to learn about ADHD symptoms and how it affects marriages. Knowledge leads to understanding, accepting and working with each other.

* This one is huge!! Have a sense of humor – stuff happens! I had one client that went in to buy some dog food and came home with a horse!!

*Set some ground rules: No nagging, no disregarding of others’ concerns. Schedule specific times to focus on each other in loving ways.

*Praise freely. Stuff happens – life is not fair. Look for the good!

*Something to note: Both partners DO NOT perceive the world the same way. Structure your communications around this in the present. Then create a healthy plan to move forward.

3. Identify what spouses love about each other. “I love your energy and enthusiasm”

4. Identify and reinforce each persons’ strengths!!!

5. Create a new structure for communication. Set a rule that you aren’t allowed to use negative words such as: “you never do”, “it won’t work”, “you’re dumb”, “you should try harder”, “you can’t” etc.

6. Learn to give what you want to receive & become what you want to attract. Example: If you want courtesy, respect, attention, affection and communication… give and show those traits!!

7. Look for progress, not perfection! Work as a team!

Good Luck!