Easier, Faster Stronger

Easier, Faster, Stronger Brain Training

Training your brain is like lifting weights at the gym. Well, these are not real weights. Rather, these are the positive thoughts that sometimes, at first, can seem so “heavy” and hard to think – because, naturally, 80% of what our brain thinks about ourselves and the world is negative. Sad, huh? But it is true that we tend to regret things we did in the past, worry about things in the future, or just constantly criticize how we are doing in the present. Not fun!

Today’s tool will help you turn that negative voice into a positive, realistic voice.

When something happens, we have a thought about it. The first time we think that thought, it begins to cut a path between those brain cells. Then, the next time that same thing happens, our brain follow the path that was cut by the first thought. It is like a pile of dirt on a rainy day. The rain cuts a path down the dirt pile, and the next time it rains, the rains follows that path. The path becomes Easier, Faster and Stronger – it becomes automatic!

The first time you do this will be hard, like folding your arms the wrong way – try it!

However, when we think, say and do the new, more positive thought, it gets Easier, Faster and Stronger every time. It becomes automatic!

It is like going to the gym. If you only exercise one arm, it will become Easier, Faster and Stronger and the other will atrophy. The good news is that our brains are the same way! The old connection will literally atrophy and the new connection will become Easier, Faster and Stronger.

So, this week, every time you have a negative thought about yourself, STOP and reprogram it! Little by little you will create new brain programming, new brain pathways that will make your positive thinking Easier, Faster and Stronger!

Happy Reprogramming!